Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Solar power

Solar power is a small fraction of the sun’s bright light that touches the earth. Solar power is a renewable source of energy and the tiny percentage of sunlight that touches the earth’s surface is abundance to meet our energy and power needs. Now the question here is how solar power generates energy. When the sunlight falls on Photovoltaic solar panels that turns sun light into electricity and that’s meet our power requirements. A solar power installation is beneficial for environment as well as to your pocket also as sunlight is free.

Solar Panels, Solar Regulators, Inverters and Wind Turbines are the excellent ways used to generate electricity. The power generated from these instruments is strong, reliable and easy to maintain. Apart from this LED lights have got a distinctive place in the mind of consumer as it saves electricity upto 90%. These are environment friendly in nature which is helpful in achieving sustainable growth.

In today's environmental scenario things are extraordinary and the situation at hand with global warming can be best described as severe. You can use solar power kits for various functions. Some of the uses of solar energy by organizations and individuals are as follows:

Companies are installing photo-voltaic cells in electric utilities. Photovoltaic is a process through which solar energy can be converted into electricity directly.

There are many companies globally who have begun to implement Solar PV modules, which can easily be fitted on to existing roofs and supply electricity.

It is being used at our home for cooking, garden lighting and some people are using it even for indoor lighting also.

Solar power is being used to power water pumps in remote areas. Although windmills used to be the main source of power for the water pumps, recently the solar power has increasingly become the preferred source.

As we all know that Sun is the source of the solar energy and sun light is free. So everyone needs to be prepared to tackle the growing problem of electricity by using solar equipments.